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Is it for Me?

What are the system requirements I will need to use this service?
Internet Explorer v6 or later. However, although latest version available is 11, we advise you stay with 8 because of a possible issue between IE11 and Sharepoint2010.

In order to get the best out of the site you should ideally have Microsoft Office 2003 (or later). You might be requested to install a Microsoft ActiveX control, but only once per machine on first use.

Is my back office system compatible?
This service is browser based and therefore does not need to directly connect to your client management/back office systems. As long as your documents can be exported to/placed in a folder on your network, they can be uploaded to this website.

How should I store my documents?
We would recommend that you store all documents that are relevant to a file review or a complaint together in a single folder on your network that can be accessed by your browser. Files stored in proprietary Document Management Systems can often be exported/printed as pdfs and then uploaded.

Is there anything that could prevent me from uploading a file?
Although Microsoft allows you to include symbols in file names - this website will not allow these to be uploaded. Symbols including & / \ will prevent the file from uploading properly. Please rename your files to exclude all symbols before starting the upload process.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?
Whilst the website will accept document file sizes up to 50Mb, your internet upload capability is likely to restrict this. If your documents are routinely larger than 15Mb then you may face problems. Also check your scanner settings to ensure the quality is not set too high, thus creating very large files.